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ABOUT the Frijolia Ranch

Family owned and operated

We love hunting, the wild and sharing that passion with others. Not only are we passionate about what we do, but we do this every day. This is not a sideline business. It is our life and we strive to make it an experience you will not forget.

Purchased by Great Grandpa Seale in 1946, the Frijolia Game Ranch has grown and thrived under our care and management. Experienced in hunting for 50 years, we feel that we can offer our visitors the best hunting in South Texas' brush country.


We have one goal: to create both the perfect hunt and an enjoyable stay. Our service is born of a love for what we do. Most of our visitors leave with the fondest of memories and a life long friendship. We would like to have you become part of that growing family.


Please, call Jason Mims for more information:(361) 215-8873

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